The Torch

Are you ready to light up your sesh with style and control? Easy to use, self-starting, high-temp flame, fast to refill.

High Temp
Fast Refill
*Butane NOT included

To fill the tank – turn the unit upside down. Firmly push the butane can into the filling valve for 10 seconds. Allow a few minutes for the gas to stabilize.

To ignite – turn the gas control knob counter-clockwise. Then, press the ignition trigger. Always point away from face and body when igniting or operating.

Adjust flame – FLAME: Gas flow and flame length can be adjusted by turning, you guessed it, the gas control knob. Point away from face and body when operating.

To shut off – Fully turn the gas control knob in clockwise direction. Make sure that the gas control knob is firmly closed until you are ready to use the torch again.

* Keep out of reach from children. Must be 18+ to use this product. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Please always refer to your physician or medical healthcare professional for medical advice.